Dor Shany
June 10, 2022

Ten amazing free tools for web developers

Today, we are bringing you a list of 10 amazing and super useful tools for your web development projects. These tools are mostly free, although some of them have some paid services also.


More than 35k APIs – free and paid – are ready to test from the web itself, so you can see which ones fit the purpose of your web project. Most of the services allow a free plan; if you need more requests per day, subscribing and upgrading your plan from the site itself is easy. All kinds of APIs are available – weather, text sentiment, visual recognition, finances... The list is huge!

Rapid API


If you are looking for a free loader for your website, without dependencies and without JavaScript, then this is the right place for you.



This tool is extremely useful. You will be able to simulate responses from the APIs, so you can start working on your front-end before having the server-side ready. It is free without limits of usage, and you know what else? It is also open-source. Highly recommended.



To make sure you haven’t forgotten anything important before launching your website to the general public, I’d recommend you make use of this free checklist. It will let you know if you’ve missed anything important.

Front-End Checklist


Deploy your application to production or get a database within minutes and without effort. This tool will take care of all the processes for you. It has a tier that will allow you up to $5 worth of usage for free each month.



This cheat sheet can be super handy whenever you need some help in any use case using Git.

First Aid Git


This amazing platform will allow you to develop your skills and have fun at the same time with well-designed exercises and help from the community. This platform is 100% free, and they claim it will be free forever. Don't miss it!



All the documentation you need about any platform in the same place. You won’t need to have thousands of tabs open at the same time if you use DevDocs. It’s super light, fast and free.



Hundreds of UI elements ready to use in your front-end made with CSS & HTML. All of them are free and all the code is open-source.



A well-known and powerful tool for cross-browser testing in the cloud. There’s a tier that will allow you to have 60 minutes of free testing per month. It allows you to test on more than 3,000 browsers from your own desktop. Definitely, a very handy tool to ensure that we don’t miss a great UX for every device.


We hope you find these tools useful. If you think that we’ve overlooked any useful, free tool for web development, feel free to reach out to and let me know about it.