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Businesses are ditching old-style password based sign-in and moving to one-tap connect with OwnID. It works for all users across all devices, out of the box. Step up your sign-in forms. Let customers connect faster!

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OwnID's user-friendly experience is as quick and easy as unlocking your phone, supporting all devices, including desktop, mobile, tablet and TV.

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Streamline authentication for higher conversion and increased revenue. Our secure flow improves both registration and login rates, resulting in more known users and higher engagement.

Elevate security

Elevate your security with biometric authentication. No more passwords, just frictionless multi-factor security.

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OwnID Helped a Top International Retail Group Increase User activity by 22% Across Multiple Brands
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Increase in account creation
Password creation is the #1 reason for registration abandonment
Growth of overall identified customers
Native device unlock is the most convenient auth today
Login attempts success rate
Compared to 45% with password login
Decrease in account recoveries
Less time on recovering means more time buying
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OwnID leverages

Passkeys and other cutting edge technologies

Over the past two years the Passkeys technology shift has begun. It is being led by Apple, Google and Microsoft, the developers of the operating systems and browsers through which we all access the Internet. OwnID is utilizing Passkeys as well as additional technologies to offer an out of the box groundbreaking solution.
Jun 2020

introduced Safari support for Face ID/Touch ID in WWDC20

Sep 2022

released iOS Passkeys support

May 2023

rolls out Passkeys for
Google Accounts

May 2022
Apple, Google & Microsoft

committed to expanded support
for FIDO standard to accelerate
availability of passwordless

Dec 2022

added Passkeys support
to Chrome

embrace the new

passwordless standard

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