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August 2023
OwnID Earns FIDO2 Certification: Paving the Way for a More Secure and Streamlined Authentication Experience
Source: Yahoo finance
April 2023
Carrefour Belgium partners with OwnID to implement passwordless authentication
Source: Yahoo finance
February 2023
Persistent phishing to push passkeys past passwords
Source: Biometric update
January 2023
The current state and future of fasswordless authentication: OwnID's 2023 Report
Source: Victoria Advocate
Cervin Founder Spotlight: Dor Shany of OwnID
Source: cervin
April 2022
OwnID raises $6M to replace passwords with smartphone-based biometric
Source: TechCrunch
December 2022
Shopify Plus Stores Can Easily Add Passwordless Login With Passkeys Support
Source: Sales tech star
November 2022
OwnID WooCommerce Plugin Signals Rapid Adoption of Passkey Security
Source: Mobile ID World
October 2022
OwnID Chosen as Best Passwordless Technology at 2022 CISO Choice Awards
Source: Yahoo Finance
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