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OwnID provides a seamless, web-based authentication solution that eliminates passwords by utilizing passkeys. With just one button, users can authenticate effortlessly and without needing to install an app. Our solution blends seamlessly into existing forms and works cross-OS, cross-device, and cross-domain, ensuring maximum security and a frictionless user experience. Say goodbye to tedious typing and hello to effortless login with just a tap of a button using passkeys with OwnID


passwordless with OwnID

We offer two options to make it happen:

OwnID Boost: add a button next to your existing password field to provide users with an alternative to password authentication. It's easy to integrate into your registration and login forms.

OwnID Streamline: transform your website's registration and login process into a completely passwordless experience. Say goodbye to your old forms and implement OwnID Streamline as your new front-end. This is the latest state-of-the-art approach to authentication.

Upgrade your forms:
OwnID Boost
OwnID Streamline

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Wide Technology Stack

covers any scenario

OwnID's solution covers all scenarios right out of the box, enabling end users to connect seamlessly with your website, regardless of their device type or preference.


OwnID’s solution allows users to access their accounts from any device, with the ideal technology for the detected device automatically set as the default


OwnID supports multiple authentication scenarios, including malfunctioning biometrics, users browsing on a public computer and account recovery issues


OwnID’s solution suits your users’ preferences. It offers different authentication methods, in addition to device biometrics


Increase the number of registrations

Streamlining the registration process and eliminating the need for users to create a password, OwnID’s solution enables faster and easier account creation. With a secure and seamless authentication experience, OwnID increases the rate of new account creation, improving your conversion rate and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Easily identify returning customers

OwnID's solution enables users to log in with just one click. Offering a secure and efficient authentication process, OwnID enhances the user experience and encourages users to engage with your website at higher rates.

Decrease check-out abandonment rate

OwnID promotes a higher rate of logged-in users, who are more likely to complete the checkout process, hence lowering the abandonment rate.

Eliminate account recovery and forgotten password support calls

OwnID eliminates forgotten password issues and reduces account recovery support calls. With OwnID, failed authentication will automatically be diverted to a fallback authentication method. This streamlines the authentication process and reduces frustration, freeing your support team to focus on more important tasks.


Common Online Security Risks

OwnID provides a superior level of security for your customers by eliminating the risks associated with passwords and protecting against common online security threats. With OwnID's no-password solution, users are protected from evolving risks that can compromise their personal information and finances.

Credential stuffing

Leaked passwords can be used by hackers to gain access to other accounts, putting users’ personal information and finances at risk.

Password cracking

These attacks can be used to crack weak or easily guessable passwords, allowing attackers to access user accounts.

Shoulder surfing

Attackers can steal passwords by watching users enter them in public places, potentially compromising their accounts and personal information.

SIM swapping

SMS-based two-factor authentication can be vulnerable to SIM swapping attacks, which occur when attackers fraudulently take control of a user's phone number, granting them access to the user's SMS-based multifactor authentication.


Integrate Frictionless Authentication

Let our experts assess the potential impact of OwnID’s no-password solution on your business.
Effortlessly integrate OwnID’s solution with your existing account management platform.
Go live and watch as your known users count increases and your conversion rate improves.