OwnID adds Passwordless to your registration and login forms

With OwnID, users can authenticate with phone biometrics, instead of a password, using a minimalistic button that blends seamlessly into existing forms.

The authentication flow is web-based and doesn't require an app installation. Our complete end-to-end platform works cross-OS, cross-device,
and cross-domain.

Setup takes minutes.

How does it work ?

User identification is based on phone stored cryptographic keys protected with biometrics (no phone number required).

When browsing on any device that isn't a phone, such as a desktop or smart TV, clicking the passwordless button will automatically prompt Apple users to authenticate with their phone’s FaceID/TouchID. Non-Apple users will be presented a QR code that they will scan with their phone and then authenticate via biometrics.

If the user’s phone is unavailable or doesn’t support biometrics, OwnID offers alternative authentication methods, such as a magic link.

Embed the Passwordless widget into your registration and login pages


Create a developer account on console.ownid.com


Connect OwnID to your platform (e.g. Firebase Auth, Passport.js, etc)


Embed the passwordless widget into your login page


Higher conversion

Reduce friction by eliminating the password requirement in registration and login pages

Better account security

Authentication keys are kept on the phone and can’t be stolen

Reduced support costs

Lower number of support tickets for unsuccessful login attempts

Credential-stuffing protection

Unique credentials are created for each website to protect users from malicious attacks

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