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We empower consumers to register, login, and purchase their online products and services by simply unlocking their device the same way they already do - with their face or fingerprint.

We’ve built an intelligent, data-driven authentication layer that dynamically offers the optimal user journey focused on user experience and conversion for every use case.

No Rip and replace

Supercharge Your Existing Tech Stack

Replacing your systems is extremely time consuming and difficult, with authentication traditionally living in various different internal systems, from identity management to commerce platforms.

We’ve taken extra care to build a modular platform that is component-based, web-based, and easily integrated into your existing tech stack.

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Built to optimize User Experience

Best-in-Class User Journeys

Our consumer authentication platform dynamically offers the best authentication journey for each consumer depending on who they are, and creates a single, frictionless authentication experience across all digital properties focused on driving recurring revenue.


Allow users to access their accounts from any device, with the ideal technology for the detected device automatically set as default


Support all scenarios, including no biometrics, users browsing on a public computer and account recovery issues


Personalize to your users preferences, offering many common authentication methods in addition to device biometrics


Common Online Security Risks

OwnID provides a superior level of security for your customers by eliminating the risks associated with passwords and protecting against common online security threats. With OwnID's no-password solution, users are protected from evolving risks that can compromise their personal information and finances.

Credential stuffing

Leaked passwords can be used by hackers to gain access to other accounts, putting users’ personal information and finances at risk.

Password cracking

These attacks can be used to crack weak or easily guessable passwords, allowing attackers to access user accounts.

Shoulder surfing

Attackers can steal passwords by watching users enter them in public places, potentially compromising their accounts and personal information.

SIM swapping

SMS-based two-factor authentication can be vulnerable to SIM swapping attacks, which occur when attackers fraudulently take control of a user's phone number, granting them access to the user's SMS-based multifactor authentication.


Deploy Frictionless Authentication

Let our experts assess the potential impact of OwnID’s passwordless solution on your business.
Effortlessly integrate OwnID’s solution with your existing internal systems.
Watch as you increase customer engagement, convert more at checkout, and transform your digital experience.