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Our leading cause of abandonment was the password during the login/sign-up process, so we decided to look at how we can eliminate the need for passwords during both sign-up and sign-in for users, ultimately improving the user experience without sacrificing security.

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There is always difficulty with getting users to authenticate their account when they visit the website again as well as during the eCommerce Checkout process. This organization was seeing a high number of returning users that received login errors during sign-in. They also saw a high number of password reset requests. Both metrics were causing users to abandon their cart and fail to login altogether. This led to a lower rate of known users and caused a decline in digital revenue.

Our solution

The password as means of authentication was the main cause of the high abandonment rate. The organization decided to investigate how they could eliminate the need to use passwords altogether. OwnID partnered with them to provide the requested solution, passwordless authentication. OwnID’s stress-free implementation and technology that covers all user devices, operating systems and browsers made it an easy choice for the organization.


Soon after deploying the OwnID Passwordless Authentication solution across the organization's brands, a significant increase in authenticated users occurred. One of the brands saw a 38% increase in known user logins, in addition to an almost 20% drop in account recovery requests. More than 30,000 existing users chose to sign in through OwnID’s solution within the first 4 months. The organization saw a 22% rise in digital revenue since implementing the OwnID Passwordless Authentication solution.


Revenue growth in 4 months since implementation


Users already sign in using OwnID technology


Increase in known users activity


Drop in password recovery requests
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