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OwnID created a solution that removes the biggest hindrance of sign-up and sign-in processes, the password.  Our users can now use their phone biometrics as the key to register and login.  Completely eliminating the need for passwords. This helped our conversion jump in just few short weeks.”


This leading cruise line brand's main focus is its customers. The most critical part of their user journey is getting them to register and login on their digital channels. The users book their cruises, plan their itinerary and perform other activities and service related items via their online accounts. In a recent customer survey, the company realized that passwords were the biggest problem. Customers faced many challenges in the password stage of their digital journey. From the survey and data the company had, the conclusion was clear - eliminate the need to use passwords altogether. This will improve the user experience, decrease the support costs and increase the booking conversion rate. At that point the company decided to explore the OwnID passwordless technology solution.

Our solution

After reviewing many top solutions available to tackle the password issue, the cruise liner decided to partner with OwnID. The decision was simple due to the seamless integration and quick turnaround time which translates to monetary value. An important feature in their decision was that OwnID’s solution can be applied for both the login and registration processes. Another feature is the use of the user's phone biometric system. This leads to the best user experience and more likely to improve conversions. OwnID created a solution that removes the #1 hindrance to sign-up and sign-in processes, the password. The cruise liner users can now use their phone biometrics as the key to register and login, completely eliminating the need for passwords.


The cruise liner decided to launch OwnID’s solution for their login page. This led in just short 5 weeks to over 700,000 users changing their regular password, to the passwordless solution and logging in with OwnID everytime they come back to their account. They significantly reduced login errors, converting more users into a 'known' state and drove more bookings. This exceeded expectations and led to the prioritization of implementing OwnID’s solution on the registration page as well, including their native web app. Both implementations resulted in over 20% increase in overall conversion rate.

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