How it works

Take a tour of how OwnID grants you instant login and a faster registration process.

Registering on mobile

(1) When an existing user of OwnID registers to a website for the first time Owen goes through the registration in one sweep.

(2) Since Owen's information was previously stored on his phone, it's all filled and ready to connect to Webee.

(3) Finally, Owen confirms and he's done!

(4) Owen closes the tab and returns to Webee.

Logging in on mobile

(1) Once Owen returns to Webee after registering, he instantly logs in with one click. Since his information is stored on his device, it recognizes the account and logs him in.

(2) To confirm the information has been used, OwnID shows he's successfully logged in. Owen closes the tab and continues on Webee.

Logging in on desktop

OwnID generates a QR code on Webee's registration and login pages so Owen can easily access his account. He scans it using his phone's camera. His phone recognizes the link between Owen and Webee and instantly logs in to his account.