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We were looking at how to remove friction from the registration and login process across our brands. We partnered with OwnID and we are so happy with early results that we are now in the process of expanding OwnID’s technology to 45 additional brand websites!


This group is a major player in the international retail space. As part of the group’s overall customer identity strategy, they were looking at ways to remove friction from the registration and login process across their brands. High abandonment rate during the registration process and overload of calls to the customer service center, all around account access issues, caused an increase in the cost associated with customer support and service. This also hurt the overall customer journey experience.

Our solution

They identified the password as the main cause of this bottleneck during the sign-up and sign-in flows. The group wanted a solution that would integrate into their existing identity infrastructure, provide a seamless user experience across mobile and desktop, and eliminate the need for passwords. They did not want an SMS-based one-time passcode or a lengthy authentication process.  They eventually decided to partner with OwnID and implement its passwordless authentication solution. This was possible due to the ease of integration and the speed of deployment.


The group initially launched OwnID’s technology to a handful of their brands to test the ground. Little did they expect to see that over 58% of users chose to login or register using the OwnID solution, compared to traditional passwords, in only 60 days! In addition, they saw a 22% increase in identified user activity where the solution was implemented. These results led the group to expand the implementation to 45 additional brand websites.

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