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By adding OwnID, our clients were able to enhance the user experience and make authentication more friendly for customers. Check out these real-life success stories of our clients.

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Multi-Brand Appliance CPG  

: Difficulty in getting users to authenticate upon repeat site visits and during eCommerce Checkout.  This organization was seeing a high number of returning users receiving login errors during sign-in as well as a high number of password reset requests.  Both were causing users to abandon their journey and never end up in a successful login.  This was causing lower known users and a decrease in digital revenue conversion.

Solution:  The password was the leading cause of abandonment so this organization decided to look at how they could eliminate the need for password use during both sign-up and sign in, ultimately increasing the user experience without having any sacrifice to security.  They chose to partner with OwnID due to: ease of implementation, passwordless user journey design, and functionality that covered all their users' devices, OS, and browser across channels.

Results: Very soon after go-live across brands, they began to see a significant increase in authenticated users.  One brand saw a 38% increase in “known users,” while seeing account recovery requests drop almost 20%.   More than 30k existing users chose to sign-in through OwnID in the first 4 months and they have seen an increase in digital revenue of 22%.

World’s Largest Food & Beverage Company

Problem:  For this organization, getting a user to register or login across their digital channels is critical for: cruise bookings, itinerary planning, and onboard activities and service.  In reviewing a recent voice of the customer survey, they heard that passwords were the biggest problem customers had in their digital journey.   Mapping this back over some customer data they knew they had to eliminate the passwords to improve user experience, decrease support costs, and increase cruise bookings.

:  They reviewed many solutions in the market, including some incumbent solutions that offer a passwordless feature.  However, they decided to partner with OwnID due to the seamless integration and quick time to value, that it worked for both registration and login, and deciding that the phone biometrics user flows of OwnID would lead to the best UX and conversions.

Results:  For their initial launch, they decided to implement OwnID on just the login page to see initial adoption.  In just 5 weeks of go-live, they saw over 518k existing users choose to login with OwnID instead of using the initial password they created.  This exceeded expectations and led to the prioritization of getting OwnID implemented on their registration page and their native web app..

International Cruise Line

Problem:  As a b2b organization that focuses on working, servicing and selling to dental practices, they have many digital products and applications that their customers need to access.  As customers navigated across product info, instrument training, and purchasing product, they were seeing a very high number of failed login attempts, account recovery requests, and checkout cart abandonment.  The password was the root cause of all issues.

Solution:  They wanted a solution that allowed users, who oftentimes get registered through delegated administration, a seamless and secure way to authenticate without having to go through a password reset or account recovery request through customer service.  They decided on OwnID due to its user-friendly passwordless flow that allows existing users to authenticate without having to reset their password.